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In the 27 years that I’ve been in practice I have been struck by how much we all suffer when we resist/avoid dealing with things as they are and instead insist that they SHOULD be different.

Since the early 1990’s my practice has focused on mindfulness-based psychotherapies in order to help clients deal skillfully with their current life experiences. 

Mindfulness involves dealing with any experience (including thoughts, emotions, urges, and life situations) as it is in the present moment without getting stuck in judging it, fixing it, or avoiding it.

Mindfulness – based psychotherapies are less about symptom reduction than they are about learning to deal with symptoms/situations skillfully in order to live a life that has meaning, purpose, and fulfillment .  

Although mindfulness practices have been around for 2500 years, it has only been recently that neuropsychological research has shown that these practices can alter the functioning and structure of the brain. 

What we do with our minds has an impact  on brain functioning.